What is Ohio Business Competes?
A non-partisan coalition of businesses committed to achieving nondiscrimination policies at the state level in order to attract the best talent, to increase Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer relationships, and to grow Ohio’s economy.

What is the Current Challenge for Ohio Businesses?
To compete, Ohio businesses need our state to be among the best places to do business, work, and live:

  • There are 21 states where consumers and employees are protected from being denied jobs, housing and services based upon perceived sexual orientation/gender identity — Ohio is not one of these states
  • Discriminatory laws can drive away the top talent Ohio needs to fill 21st Century jobs

Why is Joining the Coalition an Easy Decision for Your Business?

  • Affirms your existing non-discrimination policies and company values
  • Drives potential business growth
  • Increases industry best-in-class reputation and competitive edge
  • Encourages the best and brightest talent to call Ohio home
  • Costs you nothing to join the coalition

What is the Request?
Lend the power and influence of your name and brand by agreeing to be listed as an OBC coalition member on the OBC Website.

Which Other Businesses Have Signed-on to OBC?
See the ever-growing/updated list at the OBC Coalition Members page of our website.

How Do We Sign On?
Visit the OBC home page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.